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Brief Description:

Australia is one of the largest countries in the world. Its area is 7682300 square kilometers. Its population is 22600000. Its capital city is Canbera. The people of the country are flowers of Christian religion. The government system is parliamentary democracy. It gained independence in 1901.

Brief History:

Australia is a developed country in the world. Aborigines were the first who migrated there at least 40000 years ago from Southeast Asia. Dutch Portuguese and Spanish ships sighted the land in 17th century .A British penal colony was set up at port. Jacksm (now Sydney) in 1788. English convicts were transported and settled  there .Australians celebrate 26 January 1788, when first fleet of Britain arrived, as ‘Australia day’. By 1820s many solders, officer and emancipated their land, which they received from the government, into flourishing farms. In 1830s the New South Wales was settled by migration of within Australia. There was a popular movement against squatting and squatters in 1850 and started pressure on the land resources of New South Wales and Victoria. At last there was enacted land reform lawes in1860s. There was great economic development in the 1870s and 1880s.The six states of Australia became a nation under a single constitution in 1901. The constitution gave the commonwealth, or federal government, certain defined powers . The political system was like that of the United States.

There was an expansion of Australian economy by an increase in immigration . There was prosperity in wool production. By building furnace in south Wales Australian steel industry started in 1905. The first World War had a devastating effect on Australia. About 60000 people died and many people were wounded .Australian forces took part in the naval and landing actions and climenated the German presence in South Pacific .Australian troops also took part in the Middle East and that why Turkey surrendered. Though there was growth of manufacturing and industrial employment, unemployment was high.  

Like World War I in the Second World War, Australia sent troops to the Middle East.

Australia subjected to 96 attacks by air .In the war 29,000 people were killed. After the world war, Australia’s  foreign policy was more aligned with America than with Britain. Australian army took part in Korean War in support of America. Australia sent troops to Vietnam for United States. Australia was rewarded for  its unwavering friendship with United  States.

From 1945 to 19965 there was a restrictive immigration policy and so it was helpful for the British Isles and Eastern Europe over Asians. Australia’s population is considered to be highly multicultural. Australia’s relation with Asian neighbors is not good . The relation between Australia and Indonesia took notable turn after the tsunami disaster in 2004. 


The total population of Australia is about   22600000 .


Australian Dollar (AUD)


No official Language.

National language is English.

Capital City: Canberra.

Largest City: Sydney

Demonym : Australian

Anthem: ” Advance Australia Fair”

Government : Federal Parliamentary  Constitutional Monarchy

Calling Code : +61

Time Zone:

                UTC (+8 to +10.5)


               Summer(DST) – UTC +8 to +11.5)