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Country Profile: Srilanka

Brief Description:Srilanka is a South Asian country.The total area of land is 65,610 square kilometers.The currency of the country is Rupee.It gained independence in 1948.It got the membership of UN in 1955.the literacy rate is 91%.

Brief History: About 34,000 years ago, Balangoda Man lived and arrived in Sri Lanka.The Sinhalese economy was based on farming and they made their early settlement near river.the king ,at a time ,ruler.reponsible for the law, the army and protector of faith .from 205-161 Bc,Elara ruled after killing king Asela.The Ruwan welisays was considered an engineering marvel.Pulahatta was the first of the Five Dravidians and was deposed by Bahiya.He in turn was murdered by Dathika in 88 Bc.

Portuguese were the first Europeans who visited Sri Lanka.Lourenco de Almeida,a purtuguese, arrived in 1505 and found that the island.A fort was founded by the portugese at the port city of Colombo in 1517 and gradually was extended their control over the cousted areas.They forced Sinhalese to convert to christeanity.The king of kandy rajasinghe II made atreaty with the Dutch to get rid of the Portuguese.The main conditions were that the Dutch should landover the coastal areas they capture to the kandyan king and the king should grand the Dutch a monopoly over trad on the entire island.During the first Kandyan war in 1803 the British invaded the kingdom of kandy but were repulsed.In the second Kandyan war in 1815 kandy was occupied which resulted in Srilanka’s favoured by the Brilish.

The constitionalists sought independence and the more radical groups also associated.For the effort of constitutionalists,there came the sonoleghmore commission reforms in 1926.The revolt against brilish caused bloodshed and delay in independence. During World War II Srilanka was a front line British base against the Japanese.Some groups opposed the war and the authorities arrested them .The Marxist indenlified the war as an imperialist sideshow and chose a path of agitation disproportionate to their neglible combat strength. two members of the governing party held discussions with the Japanese to collaborate in fighting the British. In Malaysia and Singapore, the Sri Lankans famed an anti British Indian National Army. At last the constitutionalists succeeded in winning independence.Military treaties with Britain in 1948, raised to independence itself.

Sinhala was established as the official language in 1955 by abolishing senate.Tamil was the second language . The socialist Republic of Sri Lanka was established in 1972.

Since their increasing number of civilians were caught in the fighting ,the Tamil support widened for the boys.There was a communal riots in 1983 due to the ambush and killing of 13 Sri Lankan Army soldiers by the Tamil Tigers using the voters list.That conlained the exact address of tamils.The Tamil community faced a backlash from Sinlealese rioters which included the destruction of shops, leomes and savage beatings.

Mahinda Rajapakse was elected president in 2005.There was a conflict between LTTE and the government.This conflict continued until the military defeat of the LTTE in 2009.In the Elam War IV 12006, many personnel of Srilankan Armed forces lost their and many other were wounded. In 2010 Mahinda Rajapakse won in the election and became president.