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Country Profile: Morocco

Brief Description:

Morocco is an African country.The capital city of the country is Robat,The total area of land is 446550 square Km.The total population of the country is 32400000.The currency of the country is Dirhan.The literacy rate is 55%.

Brief History:

The history of morocco spans over 12 centuries.Phoenician traders came to the western Mediterrancan before the 12th century BC.They set up depots for salt and ore along the coast and up the rivers of the territors that is now Morocco.Barber kingdoms had emerged by the 2nd century BC which were large but loosely administered .

The region was conquered by the Arabs in the late 17th century.They brought their civilization and islam.The indigenous Berber population was converted to islam by them.But the Berber tribes relained their customary laws.The relation between Arab and Berber was inconsistent an often lense in the early years.the Berber revolted against Arab rule in 740.This revolt was among the Berber tribes of western Morocco and it spread all over the region very quickly .The Berbers went on to shape Islam in their own image.

Morocco quickly became a haven for many dissidents,rebels and refugees from the eastern caliphate for the wild west of the Islamic world.Idris ibn Ab dullah was among them .He established Idris dynasty in 788.Repulicing the local rulers, Morocco was taken to its height by a series of Berber of dynasties.The Europeans intervened for 19th century Morocco’s weakness and instability to protect threatened investments and to demand economic concessions.There was a rush of diplomatic maneuvering through which the European power and France in parlicular furthered their interests in North Africa in the 20th century.

North Africa became increasingly ungovernable from Istanbul after the Napoleonic Wars.Spain and France assumed the role of prolecting power over the Northern and southern by the treaty of Fez.There was opposition to European control.Many Moroccan Goumiere assisted the Americans in both World War I and World War II .There riot in CAsabalance over the murder of a Tunisian labor leader in 1952.This market a watershed in relations between Moroccan political parties and French authorities.

Mohammed V negotiated and restored independence of morocco. The Sultan agreed to institute reforms that would transform Morocco into aconstitutional monarchy with a democratic from of government .IN 1961 Hassan became the king .The reign of Hassan was full of political unrest and the rulhless government response.The king was the central figure in the executive branch of the government a reform constitution was approved , later.

Hassan got popularity by the patriotism engendered by Morocco’s participation in the middle East conflict and by the events in Western Sahara ,through there was serious domestic turmoil.His hand was strengthened politically.Sidi Mohammed assuming Mohammed VI took the throne.