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Country Profile: Venezuela

Brief Description:

Venezuela is the very important in world politics. Its area is about 916445 square kilometers. Its population is about 29400000.The language of the country is Spanish. 96% people of the country are Roman Catholic .The name of the currency is Bolivar .The name of the capital city is Caracas.
Brief History:
Venezuela has mine of oil. The country is visited by Christopher Columbus in 1498-99 and then is inhabited by Carib,Arawak and Chibcha people. The people of Venezuela were mainly agriculturists and hunters living in groups. At the time of Spanish discovery .The country was a relatively neglected colony. Toward the end of the 18th century ,it started to grow restive under colonial control. In 1821, under the leadership of Simon Boliver, it gained independence.
Venezuela lurked ,with few exploited gold mine, in the sleadows of the Spanish Empire for its first three centuries. The country took a more prominent role at the beginning of 19th century,when Venezuela gave Latin America one of its greatest heroes ,Simon Bolivar .Francisco de Miranda started revolution, at first, in 1806. But he was shipped Spain and died in jail .Bolivar took the responsibility of revolution and failing first attempts, won, at last, in 1817 .After the end of the Napolionce wars, Volivar with his force marched over Andes and defeated Spanish at the Batth of Boyaca and brought independence to Colombia in 1819. Bolivar’s trops defeated the Spanish royalist army and took the independence of Venezuela in 1821.A quarter of the Venezuela population died in the independence Wars .
After separation from Gran Colombia,a constitution was approved in the Venezuela parliament and Bolivar was banned from his homeland . Venezuela failed to meet payments to Great Britain. Italy and Germany and there was a conflict leading serious international tension. The first half of the 20th century, the military rulers from the Andean state of Táchira dominated the land. Discovery of oil in 1910.made Venezuela by 1920s , the worlds largest exporter of oil . This not only contributed to the national economy but also enabled government to pay off the foreign debt. In1947, novelist Romulo Gallegos became the president of the country and new constitution was adopted. He superficially modernized the country. In 1958 Romulo Betancourt was elected president.He was the first democratically elected Venezuelen president . The 1998 election put Hugo Chavez into the presidency . He was totally against US. Infliccnced free market economy. In 2002 ,the opposition called a strike in an attempt to oust president and the wliole economy was still .After 63 days the opposition called off the strike .

In 2004 Chavez consolidated his power. He started to influence reaching out to other leftist leaders in Bolivia, Argentina, Cuba Chile, Uneguayand Brazil . Chavez   came out of the Socialist closet ,after election in 2006, during his second term . Chavez instilled many controversial policies to combat the country’s wild instlation and debilitating economy. He also controlled of price on basic foodstuff which allowed families to purchase the same amount of basic food with the same amount of money despite inflation.

Venezuela at a glance:
Total  population is 28,946,101 (2011 Census)
 The name of the currency of Bolivar fuerte (VEF)
 National language is Spanish
Capital City: Caracas

Largest City: Caracas

Demonym : Venezuelan

Anthem: ” Gloria al Bravo Pueblo”

Government : Federal Parliamentary  Constitutional Monarchy

International Calling Code : +1

Time Zone:
                (UTC -3.50 to -8)
               Summer(DST) – (UTC-2.5 to -7)