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Country Profile: Greece

Brief Discussion:

Greece is a country of southern Europe. Officially Greece is said the capital of Greece. The government system of Greece is democracy.

Brief History:
The earliest traces of human habitation in Greece date from the palocolithic period (120000-10000B.C approximately).After approximately two centuries of economic and cultural inactivity, known as the Dark Ages(1150-900B.C) , the Geometric period follows (9th -8th centuries B.C) , the beginning of the Greek renaissance. In this period ,Greek settlements transformed themselves into city –states or polies. Regions ruled by a council and a king . Their political structure was unstable because the king often acted like tyrants to the citizen. The Olympic Games , a great athletic contest, began in 776BC. The Olympic marked rise of the Greek culture and the beginning of the Archaic period of Green (7th -6th centuries Bc). This is an era of major social and political changes.
The Greek city- states established colonics as far as Spain to the west, the Black sea to the Nort and North Africa to the south and lay the foundation for the peak of the classical period. (5Th-4th centuries Bc). Classical Greeks had organized themselves into independent citizen states (known as polis) such as Athen, Sparta, Ephesus, byzantion and marseillers. Each polis has its own laws , dialect , currency and government. This period is the cultural and political predominance of Athens. So, the second half of the 5th century BC is called the ‘Golden Age’ of pericles with the end of the pelopnnesian war, in B.C Athens loses its dominance. New forces emerge fduring the 4th century B.c with philipll and his son,  Alexander, Maccdomans start playing a reading role in Greece. The complete and final conquest of Greece by the Romans in 146B.C incorporates the country into the vast Roman Empire . During Roman occupation, most of the Roman Empire, who are admires of the Greek culture ,are friendly towards the Greek cities and especially Athens. The Greek language spread throughout the Mediterranean. Greek was heard in rome probably of Apostle Paul during the first century B.C. Christianity is spread all over Greece. Greek culture has made countless contribution to western society in the areas of arts, literature, philosophy,drama, architecture and politics. Greek scientists made revolutionary discoveries in medicine, mathematics, physics and astronomy. Socrates and Pluto were the great philosopher of Greece .
In 324, the Roman emperor constantive in effect spilt the empire into two halves . the eastern half centred on Greek Byzantium renanamed constantainople (now lstanbul). When the Western Roman empire collapsed under the impact of Germanic Invasions in fifth century, constaintinople became the centre of Roman empire . known as the Byzantine control over Greece until the treacherous attack on Constantinople in 1204 by the Frankish crusaders (Western Europeans). on may 1453, Constantinople fell to the ottoman branch of the Turkish invaders and for nearly 400 years Greece was under ottoman control.
On 25 march 1821 Greece declared its independence . The result was the formation of an independent Greek kingdom in 1830, which however, covered only a restricted territory . Greece used various means to extend its territory (1919-22) but failed and it reached its present configuration in 1947. German occupied Greece in 1944 ,during the second world war. In 1967,a military junta (the colonels) overthrew the government and ended the monarchy. In 1974 , after a seven year dictatorship, a referendum was held and the system of government changed from a constitutional mnarchy to presidention Democracy. Since 1975,Greece has been a democratic republic. It joined the EU in1981 and adopted the euro in 2001. Greece by 2005 was a developed yet still maturing Eu nation with a rising standard of living .

Tourism grew unabated despite rising costs. In the summer 2007 forest fires throughout the western Peloponnese, Epiors and Eva caused untold damage to the nations flora and fauna. The years since have been challenging,and Greece in 2012 is in a flight for its economic future.
Greece at a glance:

Total  population is 10,815,197 (Census,2011)
 The name of the currency of Greece is Euro (EUR)
Capital City: Athens

Largest City: Athens

Demonym : Greek

Anthem: ” Hymn to liberty”

Government : Unitary Parliamentary  Constitutional Republic

Calling Code : +30

Time Zone:
               EET (UTC  +2)
               Summer(DST) -EEST(UTC+3)