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Country Profile: Cyprus

Brief Description:

Cyprus is an island country under European continent. The total area of is 9251 square kilometers. The official languages are Turkish, Greek . The capital city of the country is Nicosia . The total population is about 117000. The name of the currency is Euro . The name of the legislature is House of Representative.
Brief History:
Over the centuries, Cyprus has had many names, but it thought that the origin of the name in from the ancient word copper (kyperos) which was abundant on the island . No one knows for certain when the first inhabitants arrived on the island , but traces of settlement go back to over 8000Bc and a settlement has been found at Vrysi, east of kyrenia. During the Bronze age (2500-1050BC), copper is more extensively exploited bringing wealth to Cyprus . Trade is built up with the Near East. Egypt and Agean. After 1400BC, Mycenaean’s from Greece reach the Island, perhaps as merchants. During the 12th and 11th century BC, several waves of Achaean Greeks came to settle on the island binging with them the Greek language, their religion, their customs. They build new cities like paphos, salamis, kourion .
After Bronge Age, Cyprus has been ruled by more powerful outside forces. Such as (1050-750BC) Geometrie period ,(750-333BC)Archaic and classical period, (333-325)Greek period ,(325-58BC) Hellienistic period,(58BC-330AD) Roman period, (330-1191 AD) Byzantine period ,(1192-1489AD) Frankish (Lusignan)period, (1489-1571Ad) Venetian period, (1571-1878) ottoman period ,(1878-1960AD) british period . Britain had occupied the island in 1878, although it remained nominally under ottoman sovereignty. In 1914,Britain annexes Cyprus , after the ottoman Empire enters the first WW on the side of Germany.IN 1925,Cyprus is declared a crown colony .IN 1940 , Cypriot volunteers serve in various branches of the British Armed forces throughout the WWII. In 1955, Greek Cypriots begin guerrilla war against British rule. The guerilla movement, the national organization of Cypriot combatants (Eoka),wants unification with Greece. British authorities arm a paramilitary police force made up of Turkish Cypriots. on 16th august 1960, Cyprus gains independence reach agreement on a constitution. Treaty of Guarantee gives Britain, Greece and Turkey the rights to intervence. Britaints retains sovereignty over two military based at Dhekelia and Akrotiri-Episkopi. The 1960 constitution of the Cyprus Rupublic proves unworkable in many of its provision. When in 1963, Makarios, the president of the republic proposed some anendments to facilitate the functioning of the state , the Turkish community responds with rebellion. In 1964, UN peace keeping forces set up. Turkish Cypriot with draw into delended enclaves. In 1974, military Junta in Greece backs coup against Makarios, who escapes Turkish forces occupy third of the island , enforce partition between north an south roughly along the ‘Green line’ ceasefire line drawn up by UN forces in 1963. Glafcos clerids replaces Makarlos .In 1975 cypriot established independent administration. In 1977 Makarois succeded by Kyprianou. In 1980 UN sponsored peace talks resume but no agreement was reached. In 1996, violence along buffer zone increses. In 1998, EU lists Cyprus as a potential member. IN 2002 ,UN secretary General koti Annan presents a comprehensive peace plan for Cyprus which envisage a federation with two constituent parts , presided over by a rotating presidency, but rejected by a vast majority of Greek Cypriots (nearly 76%) and endorsed by more than half Turkish Cypriots (65%). This plan failed . IN may 2004 while Turkeys application for admission to EU was differed in January 2003 , Cyprus application (with or without North) was approved and the southern Republic of Cyprus alone because a part of EU.IN 2008, Cyprus adopts the Euro. In the following year of 2008, reunification process aborted and continue through 2009, with little progress. The economy of Cyprus is booming the Cyprus stock exchange opened in 1999. Tourism is generally buoyant , though 2002 saw a downward tend sparking some concern in the industry. despite international sanctions ‘Northern cyprus’ continues to survive and develop, supported by its sponsor nation, Turkey.
In 2011, Cyprus begins exploratory drilling for oil and gas, prompting a diplomatic row with Turkey, which responds by sending an oil vessel to waters off  northern Cyprus. The reunification process is going on through the intervention of EU.

Cyprus at a glance:

Total  population is more than 838,897 (2011 Census)
 The name of the currency of Cyprus is Euro (EUR)
 Greek, Turkish are the official languages.
Capital City: Nicosia

Largest City: Nicosia

Demonym : Cypriat

Anthem: ” Humn to liberty”

Government : Unitary presidential Constitutional republic

Calling Code : +357

Time Zone:
              EET  (UTC +2)
               Summer(DST) – EEST(UTC +3)