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Brief description:

Britain has the great empirical history. It ruled most of the country in the  world .It is said that the sun of Britain will never set. It is 244108  square kilometers and its population is 62400000.It’s currency is pound  .The Government system of Britain parliamentary Democracy.
Brief History:
Britain is called the birth place of modern democracy. Britain gave first, the voting power of women. The Roman, first,invaded  Britain in 55 Bc. After Roman’s strength, the Anglis, The jutes and the Saxons  invaded the Britain. The period is called, until Norman conquest in  1066, Anglo –saxon period. Norman rule effectively ensured Britain’s  safety from further intrusions. Both Water and Scotland wer independent kingdoms that resisted English rule. Edward I Conquered Wales in 1282. The eldest son of king was made the prince of Wales in 1301. The  tradition of bestowing this on the eldest son of the British Monarch  continues today. Ireland’s invasion by the Ango-Normans in 1170 led to  centuries of strife. In 1707, England and Scotland were unified as  Great Britain and Slcared single parliament at Westminster. The  legislative union of Great Britain and Ireland was completed on  jaunary1, 1801 and was named United kingdom .In 1558 in Tiedor period The Queen Elizabeth ascended, daughter of Henry viii,the throne , England  had troubles at home and dangers abroad . She handled these problem very well .She restored ecclesiastical order in the country and settled the  church of England on a boreal, national basis.     
After the death of Elizabeth James I, son of Mary ascended the throne of  England ,The Steart period started by his ascending . All through the  stuart period (1603-1714) a continued struggle went on between king and  parliament . The king’s claimed that they were entitled to rule like  absolute monarch in total disregard of the wislies of the parliament .There was a great expansion of maritime of enterprise. In Stuart period, England made notable progress in the establishment of numerous  colonies and trading posts in North America and the Caribbean as the  British started to take sliape.
In the middle of the 18th century there was Industrial revolution in England. It greatly  strengthened its colonial height largely during Queen Victoria  (1837-1901) . Victories reign witnessed the spread of British  technology, commerce, language and government throughout the British  Empire at its greatest extent.
Ireland gained independence from Great Britain in 1921. Now it is called ‘United kingdom’ or the ‘UK’ or ‘Britain’. UK at a glance:

Total  population is about 63,181,775 (2011 Census)
 The name of the currency of UK is Pound Sterling (GBP)
 English is the official language of United Kingdom
Capital City: London Largest City: London Demonym : British, Briton Anthem: ” God save the Queen” Government : Unitary Parliamentary  Constitutional Monarchy with developed legislatures Calling Code : +1 Time Zone:               BST  (UTC o)                Summer(DST) – BST(UTC +1)