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Brief Description :

The United States of America (USA) is the most powerful country along with the  biggest economy  of the world . It is in the continent of North America . Canada and Mexico are the two neighboring countries. It`s northern  border is with Canada and southern border is with Mexico. It has 50  states and a federal district, Washington DC. It`s total area is about  3.79 square mile ( 9.83 square kilometer) . It is the 4th biggest  country of the world.

Brief History :

Asian people came to America before 10000 BC. They were   primarily living on hunting and fishing. On 12 Octobor,1492 , European explorer Christopher Columbus landed  his ship in the new world .The first Spanish explorers landed in “La Florida” in 1513.on April 10, 1606,  James I chartered  the Virginia Company to establish the English settlements on the east  coast of America.  By the 1770s, thirteen British colonies contained two and a half million people. They were prosperous and  growing rapidly, and had developed their own autonomous political and  legal systems. The British Parliament asserted its authority over these colonies by imposing new taxes, which  the Americans insisted were unconstitutional because they were not  represented in Parliament. Growing conflicts turned into full-fledged  war beginning in April 1775. On July 4, 1776, the colonies declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and became the United States of America.

Population :

At 3.79 million square miles (9.83 million km2) in total and with around 315 million people, the United States is the fourth-largest in total area, the fifth largest in the contiguous area and third in population. It is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many countries.

Government system:

The United States of America is a Federal republic. The president is  elected for a four-year term and may be reelected only     once. The  bicameral Congress consists of the 100-member Senate, elected to    a   six-year term with one-third of the seats becoming vacant every two     years,  and the 435-member House of Representatives, elected every two    years. The  minimum voting age is 18.

President: Barack   H. Obama (2009)

Vice  President: Joseph Biden        (2009

Visiting Places:

 Place                                                                      Location                                

Walt Disney World Resort Orlando, Florida
Mall of America Bloomington, Minnesota
Times Square New York, New York
Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas, Nevada
National Mall and Memorial Parks Washington, D.C.
Disneyland Resort Anaheim, California
Faneuil Hall Marketplace Boston, Massachusetts
Fisherman’s Wharf/Golden Gate Area San Francisco, California
Niagara Falls New York
Great Smoky Mountains National Park North Carolina and Tennessee
Navy Pier Chicago, Illinois
Lake Mead National Recreation Area Las Vegas, Nevada
Empire Mall Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Universal Orlando Resort Orlando, Florida
SeaWorld Orlando Orlando, Florida
San Antonio River Walk San Antonio, Texas
Salt Lake Temple Salt Lake City, Utah
Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area New Jersey and Pennsylvania
Universal Studios Hollywood Universal City, California
Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City, N.Y
Waikiki Beach Oahu, Hawaii
Grand Canyon Arizona
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Tampa, Florida
Cape Cod National Seashore Barnstable County, Massachusetts
SeaWorld San Diego San Diego, California
American Museum of Natural History Manhattan, New York City

USA at a glance:

Currency :

The name of USA currency is American Dollar. The symbol for USA Dollar is $.This is the leading currency of the world.


Total  population is about 316 million.


There is no official language for federal level.

National language is English

Capital City: Washington DC

Largest City: New York City

Demonym : American

Anthem: ” The Star-spangled  banner”

Government : Federal presidential democratic  Constitutional Republic

Calling Code : +1

Time Zone:

                (UTC -5 to -10)

               Summer(DST) – (UTC-4 to -10)