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South Korea

Brief Description:

South Korea is situated in remote east of Asia .The area of the country is 100140 Square kilometers . The total population is about 48400000. People are followers of Christianity and Buddhism. The language is Korean. It gained independent in 1948 from America. 
Brief History:
South Korea is a beautiful country for its landscape. It’s beginning was the 3rd millennium BC. The South Koreans use the term ‘Hanguk’ a name dating from the 1890s . Around the time of Christ three ancient kingdom emerged that influenced Korean history down to our time . Three kingdom era was 57Bc-AD668 .The first state of the three kingdoms was , Baekje which was a centralized ,aristocratic state melding Chinese and indigenous influence. By the 3rd century AD, Bachje was strong enough to occupy the core area of korea ,around Seoul . Baekje king Geun Chiego’s grandson inaugurated another tradition by adopting Buddhism as the state retigion in 384.The northern kingdom expanded in all directions especially toward Taedong River in the south . Peninsular geography shaped the third kingdom called Shilla,Gogauryeo and Baekje.
Buddhism came to korea from China Shilla emerged victorious on the peninsula in 668 . The South Koreans speak for the first time of a unified Korea .As a result ,Three kingdoms ended. There was a close relationship between Shilla and great Tang dynasty in China. But Shilla had a flourishing indigenous civilization different from Tang. The crowning glory of Gyeongju is the Bulguk –sa temple . Many people came on pilgrimages to Gyeongju from as far as India . A formidable military leader called Wang Geon defeated Shilla and some Baekji and established a flourishing unified dynasty by 930 .It’s heyday was among the advanced civilization in the world . There was high point of Gorye culture which coincided with internal disorder and the vise of the Mangols . Kublai khan’s army invaded and demolished Goryeo’s army in 1231.The Mongols invaded Goryyeo in 1254 and killed countless people wounding som 200000 people .The kings intermarried eigth Mangol princesses .There was an opportunity to rising groups of Korean, after the overthrow of the Mongols by the Ming dynasty ,men to contest for power Yi Seong-gye, overthrowing Goryeo leders , announced the new dynasty and made a great wall around the new capital .
In 1949,  the both North and south Korea sought external support .In this war South Korea failed After the war Seoul changed hands more than four times and badly damaged.
After a tumultuous 20th century, South Korea is shaping up the star performers of the 21st century. In 1963 Park Chung-hee was officially elected president and ruled for the next 17 years . president lee Myung-bak took office in 2008 as the 17th president .In 2013,park Geun hye took oath and was inaugurated as the 18th president .
South Korea at a glance:

Population :
The total population of South Korea is about 50,219,669 (Estimated,2013)


South Korean Won (KRW)


Official language : Korean


Capital City: Seoul
Largest City: Seoul
Demonym : South Korean. Korean
Anthem: ” De Jure”
Government : Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Calling Code : +82
Time Zone:     Korean Standard Time(UTC +9)