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Brief Description:

India’s civilization is ancient in the world. It’s area is 3287240 square kilometers. Its population is about 1241500000. There are different languages in India . Most of the people of India are Hindu. There are also muslims and Christians. The name of its currency is Rupee, Government ystem is parliamentary democracy.

Brief History:

 India’s history is one of the grand epics of world history. Its civilization is thousands of year–old. The forst inhabitants of this land were nomadic people .They earned their livelihood by cultivating Langland keeping domestic animals. By 2500 Bc large cities were established and the focxal point was Harappan culture . These cities were notable for their size . The people of the cities traded with Mesopotamia . Thus they developed art in the form of terracotta and bronze figures. The Harappan  civilization declined from beginning of the 2nd Millennium Bc .

Some historians believe that Aryan trilces began to filter into northwest India from around 1500Bc. They spread cross the Ganges plain in 7th century Bc and later there were four large states . Nande dynasty arose in these arose in these states. In this period Indian heartland avoided two invasion from the west which, if successful, could have significantly altered the history of India Chandgupta Maurya was the founder of the first great empire. During Ashok the empire reached its peak . The empire collapsed in 184 Bc. The south’s prosperity was for trading with especially Eggptians and Romans. In 850 Cholas rose to power and set about the south’s for reaching trade influence into territorial conquest. White south India was ruled by Hindus the North was convulsed by Muslim armies invading northwest. Around 1191 Mohmmed of Ghur won India. After his death in 1206, Qutub-ud-din become the first Sultan of India. After the death of Qutub-ud-din, Muhammed Tughlaq ascended the trone and took the southern strongholds of the Hoysala Empire.  After that period came the Marathas.

At first the Portuguese came to India for trading. In 1613 East India company came to India and started trading. It is strange, but real , that the company ruled India for 250 years. In the 19th country, India came effectively under the British conrol . India was under the control of East India company until 1858 . Trade and profit was the target of British Government . A great development was done in railroad. The Indians started movement in 20th century. To appease the movement the British government divided the Mengal and again reunified seeing the movements against division.  At last India was independent and made two countries called India and Pakistan. Jawaharlal Nehru became. The prime minister of independent India in 1966 After Nehrus death, Indira Grandlia was elected as prime minister.

India at a glance:


Total population of India is 1,210,193,422 . Which is the 2nd largest population of the world.


The name of Indian currency is Indian Rupee (INR)


Official languages are: Hindi and English

Capital city :

New Delhi

Largest City: Mumbi

Demonym : Indian

Anthem: ” Jana Gana Mana”

Government : Federal Parliamentary  Constitutional republic

Calling Code : +91

Time Zone:

                TST(UTC +5:30)