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Brief Description:

Argentina is situated in South America. Its area is 2780411sq  kilometers. The total population is about 40800000.The official language is Spanish .It gained independence in 1816. The capital city is Buenos  Aires. The government name of the country Argentina Republic.

Brief History:
Argentina has a tumultuous history like all Latin American country.  Human reached Argentina around 10,000Bc. After Christopher Columbus  encountered Americas, other Spanish explorers began probing the Rio de  la plata estuary. Spanish aristocrat Pedro de Mendoza was the first who  attempted at establishing a permanent settlement on the estuary in  1536.He landed present day Buenos Aires. Santiago del Estero is the  country’s oldest permanent settlement. With the help of Jesuit  missionaries Northwest Argentina was colonized. Jesuit established 30  missions in around 1607 .About 100000 people lived in this settlement.  Spain made Buenos Aires the capital of the new viceroyalty of the Rio de la plata in 1776. Without Spanish help, locals nallied against the  invaders and chased them out of the town .The late 18th century was important because in this century legendary gauche of the  pampas emerged. There was dissatisfaction and impatience among the  Criollos with Spanish authority. In 1808 Napoleon invaded Spain and  Buenos Aires declared independence in 1810. There was lack of unity in  the provinces. Juan Manuel came to Buenos Aires in the 19th century and became governor of the province in 1829. Creating infamous  mazorca and institutionalizing torture, he set ominous precedents in  Argentina political life. Buenos Aires was the capital city of Argentine  republic in 1862.Bartolome Mitre, second president of Argentina, started building nation and establishing infrastructure . Immigrants  poured in from Spain ,Italy ,Germany and Eastern Europe for rich economy of Buenos Aires. There was a highly developed roil network by the turn  of 20th century .There was hardly any prosperity in lale 19th century .There was labor unrest. Juan Domingo peron was the first leader to try to grip with the economic crisis .Juan peron’s second presidency saw economic difficulties and rising inflation in 1952.He was sent to  exile by a military coup in 1955.Afteran 18-years exile peron once again symbolized Argentina unity. He died in 1974.During the period between  1976 and 1983. It was referred to as the Guerra Sucia or Dirty War .It  was estimated that some 30000 people disappeared .Argentina’s economy  continued to decline and at last cdlopsed in chaos under military rule  General leopoldo Galtiere launched an invasion in 1982 to dislodge the  British from Falkland Islando .No most Argentines full as atrocity sucle  as the Dirty War could never happen again.
By the end of the 2007, Kirchner had become one of the popular  presidents ever. Kirchner succeeded in recovering the economy of  Argentina. But there was still poverty and inflation in the country. In  2007 Kirchners wife Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner become the first  selected woman president .Cristina lost much of her power during 2009  legislative elections.

Argentina at a glance: Population:
Total  population is 41, 660, 417 (Est. 2013)
 The name of the currency of  Argentina Peso (ARS)
 English and French are the official languages of Canada.
Capital City: Buenos Aires
Largest City: Buenos Aires
Demonym : Argentine, Argentinian, Argentinean
Anthem: ” Himn……”
Government : Federal Presidential  Constitutional  Republic
Calling Code : +54
Time Zone:              ART   (UTC -3)