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Date – November 27, 2013

South Korea

Brief Description: South Korea is situated in remote east of Asia .The area of the country is 100140 Square kilometers . The total population is about 48400000. People are followers of Christianity and Buddhism. The language is Korean. It gained independent in 1948 from America.  Brief History: South Korea is a beautiful country for its […]


Brief description: Britain has the great empirical history. It ruled most of the country in the  world .It is said that the sun of Britain will never set. It is 244108  square kilometers and its population is 62400000.It’s currency is pound  .The Government system of Britain parliamentary Democracy. Brief History: Britain is called the birth […]


Brief Description: India’s civilization is ancient in the world. It’s area is 3287240 square kilometers. Its population is about 1241500000. There are different languages in India . Most of the people of India are Hindu. There are also muslims and Christians. The name of its currency is Rupee, Government ystem is parliamentary democracy. Brief History: […]


Brief Description: Argentina is situated in South America. Its area is 2780411sq  kilometers. The total population is about 40800000.The official language is Spanish .It gained independence in 1816. The capital city is Buenos  Aires. The government name of the country Argentina Republic. Brief History: Argentina has a tumultuous history like all Latin American country.  Human […]


Brief Description: Australia is one of the largest countries in the world. Its area is 7682300 square kilometers. Its population is 22600000. Its capital city is Canbera. The people of the country are flowers of Christian religion. The government system is parliamentary democracy. It gained independence in 1901. Brief History: Australia is a developed country […]