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Country Profile: Morocco

Brief Description: Morocco is an African country.The capital city of the country is Robat,The total area of land is 446550 square Km.The total population of the country is 32400000.The currency of the country is Dirhan.The literacy rate is 55%. Brief History: The history of morocco spans over 12 centuries.Phoenician traders came to the western Mediterrancan […]

Country Profile : Russia

Brief description: Russia is the largest country in the Europe from both size and population. It is the largest country in the world in size .officially is called the Union of Soviet socialist Republic. Officially, Russia has four state religion namely Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Ihudism. Moscow is the capital and Vladivostok is the largest city […]

Country Profile: Greece

Brief Discussion: Greece is a country of southern Europe. Officially Greece is said the capital of Greece. The government system of Greece is democracy. Brief History: The earliest traces of human habitation in Greece date from the palocolithic period (120000-10000B.C approximately).After approximately two centuries of economic and cultural inactivity, known as the Dark Ages(1150-900B.C) , […]


  Brief Description: China is the largest country by its population. The total population is about 1347600000. The total area is 9596960sq kilometers. The national language is Mandarin. The capital city of China is Beijing. The government name of the country is peoples Republic of China.  Brief History: China is a large country in the […]


Brief description Mexico is situated in North America. Its area is 1972550 sq  kilometers.Its population is 110.6 million and capital is Mexico city  officially it is called the United Mexican states .It gained  independence in 1821.It`s currency name is peso. Brief history: Early settlement and pre-Columbian civilizations Nomadic Paleo-Indian societies are widely believed to have migrated […]